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Always at Your Service

Chopped Upholstery & Custom is not responsible for functioning airbags and heater systems after the completion of the upholstery service. The owner must ensure the airbags and seat heaters function correctly by having a professional inspection of these items.

How do we start this process?

Contact me via email or phone to initiate the process. We will discuss your upholstery project in-depth, the materials you will provide, the materials I will provide, labor, and the next steps. We will also discuss a timeline, so you know when to expect a finished product.

How much is this going to cost?

Each project is different, and because we are typically doing custom and unique upholstery, the cost varies. The labor rate can range from $50 to $85 U.S. per hour based on the volume of work and the type of service provided. In most cases I will build an estimate to establish a rough budget and we will try to work closely to the estimate.


 I require a deposit to cover materials used for your project. Depending on our agreement, you will receive an invoice every month or more often as needed. We expect payment upon receipt to continue working!

What options are available to customize?

We can customize the style, seat depth, back height, cushions' firmness, material, and much more.

Do I leave my vehicle with you?

Unless there is extensive work, I prefer the vehicle remains with the owner until the seats, doors, or other items are complete. However, in some cases, it may be necessary to do the work at the owner's residence based on the type of work being done.

What are the additional costs that may come up?

I may encounter several issues in old seats, door panels, etc. Items such as repairing or rebuilding a frame, tying, or replacing springs, adding foam to the cushions, and replacing or repairing other items may increase the price. 

Do I need to come to you, or can you meet me at my place?

I charge a $50 service fee up to 25 miles, $60 for up to 50 miles and over 50 miles will be an additional $6 per mile. The initial service fee covers travel and the first 45 minutes of consultation; an additional $40 is charged for consultations that extend past the 45-minutes.

For project work see Labor rates.

What about insurance?

Chopped Upholstery & Custom carries insurance for the equipment and building. In addition, we require the customer to have insurance on any vehicle (and contents in the vehicle) left at our facility.

How long will it take for my car seats to be done?

The timeline for a project depends on the scale of work needed (customization, material orders, etc.) I will keep you informed of the process and any delays we encounter. Unfortunately, we are subject to the shipping delays the world is experiencing.

How will I know what material to use on my seats?

We work with the customer to determine the most suitable material for the vehicle's use.

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