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2023 Portland Roadster Show Class Winner

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Shop Dogs

Kokoda, named after the Kokoda trail in Papua New Guinea, has had his share of trials and tribulations, hence his name! He is deaf, full of love and joy now that he calls Chopped his home and me, of course, his human BFFL!


Tyson is a big boy at 100 plus pounds and 30" in height at his shoulders. He loves-loves-loves, toys, working and being around humans all the time.


Don't fret, though; these two Boxers will give you a run for your money should you choose to engage them for the wrong reasons! They are service trained and protect all Hotrods no matter what!   


Come by and say hey as Tyson always has a new toy to show ya, and well, Kokoda, he will make sure you leave with plenty of love and puppy glitter!



Whether you're looking to recover your seat, build a new seat, redo your kick panels, carpeting, or anything else upholstery, let us know, we can help make your vision a reality.

These Partners exhibit the values of community and always put the customer first! 

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