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We work closely with the suppliers to bring our customers the best price on leather. Leather is an excellent alternative to vinyl and costs only about 20% more. In addition, leather custom seats will give your ride an elevated look. Leather comes in many colors and textures, such as smooth, glossy, embossed, and animal prints (alligator, ostrich, etc.).

Call us at (503) 539-4049 to discuss your ideas or set up an appointment to pick from the dozens of samples we have on hand.

Blue Croc Leather.png
Ostrich Embossed Leather
Western Scroll embossed Leather
Snake embossed leather

Nothing makes a statement better than embossed leather. The beautiful embossing is made on 100% full-grain cowhide. Choose from crocodile, alligator, elephant, snake, and more.

Do you want the plush, decadent look that only the finest leathers can bring? Choose from the many colors and smooth texture leathers available for auto interiors. Colors include many different blacks, greens, oranges, reds, yellows, blues, etc. We have multiple leather options to choose from. Nothing beats feeling the leather with your own hands, so call us and set an appointment to pick the color that fits you and your ride.

Itallian Leather.png
Distressed Leather.png
Distressed Leather.png
Red Leather.png
Suede Leather.png

Nothing beats the luxury of suede. We offer a wide variety of colors and can work suede into your interior to give you the luxury look you want. Call to set up an appointment to discuss the best suede option for your vehicle.

  • Premium full grain leathers

  • Natural Markings

  • Natural grain texture

  • Leather made locally or in Italy

Cover photos for leather.jpg
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